“It’s not about Horsemanship, It’s about Lifemanship.” Natural Lifemanship

Helping People through The Stages of Life.

The “Stages” of Change is a professional counseling service that utilizes horses to help humans gait through the hurdles and challenges they face on life’s wagon trail.

Why Horses?

Horses are very much like humans in that they are social animals, they have defined roles within their herds, and they feel safety and comfort by remaining close to the members of their herd.

Horses respond or react to a humans behavior in much the same way other humans will. As prey animals, they live very much in the moment, horses respond genuinely by what is occurring in that moment. Unlike humans, whose responses to other humans are often based on something that happened in the past or something that may happen in the future, a horse responds honestly, and immediately, to what the human is doing in the present.

Horses provide a foundation for healing to begin, because humans can relate to and interact with horses in ways that often prove difficult for them when it comes to humans. Through building a relationship with horses, humans gain insight into their own verbal and nonverbal behaviors, as well as behavioral and relationship patterns.

Horses will not demonstrate acceptance, trust and respect in a relationship until the human learns to build a relationship based on acceptance, mutual trust, and respect. This allows the human to take responsibility for the kind of relationships they build with the horses and ultimately in their lives.

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My husband, a first responder, desired to advance in his career but struggled to obtain the certifications necessary. He became depressed, discouraged, and fearful to even make any attempts. After exhausting all other avenues, we finally reached out for help. We were thankful that Kellie Schriver instantly recognized what was preventing  my husbands ability to keep moving forward. After working with the horses, my husband was able to change old, bad habits and mental blocks so that he could obtain the certifications he had always wanted and job advancement. My husband was given the courage, strength, and skills to better himself, his work, and his studies. He went to Kellie for help with his job and school, and we were surprised that the same skills also improved our marriage. I am personally thankful for the guidance and gifts that Kellie Schriver has given us through the Stages of Changes. Our lives have been forever changed. My husband now has been promoted at his job and is enrolled to receive a higher degrees certification.”

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